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Nov. 18th, 2010


The End of Brian Nailer, Author

With the end of 2010 just around the corner, it is time to set the record straight.

Brian Nailer the author is not a real person, per se; he was invented as a pen name by Jason Patrick Doherty - that's me - for the year of 2010 as an experiment to see how successful a comletely unknown author could become in one year within a specific set of simple parameters.

The name Brian Nailer comes directly from the NPR broadcaster Brian Naylor. I thought that I misheard his name one day in 2009; I thought I heard "Brian Mailer," and thought that 'Brian Nailer' would be a cool name. Then, after sending out a bunch of submissions under the name Brian Nailer, I dfound out that the NPR correspondent's name was in fact Naylor, not Mailer. Despite this snafu, I stayed with the name.

I ended up getting some poems published and won an award for poetry from the Lucidity Poetry Journal. I was invited to read at a poetry event and also invited to submit poetry to an upcoming anthology.

This experiment has been a lot of fun, and at times, a lot of work has gone into it. I've learned a little about getting published and made a couple of friends along the way.

Next year, using what I've learned, I might just do this thing again with a different Name,

Jul. 18th, 2010


Writer's Block: $10,000 and Some Change

How would you change the world with $10,000?

One billboard in NYC that says, "Stop Using Gasoline Or We Are All Dead"
In the background is a picture of an Earth with all brown land and all black oceans. =(

Jul. 2nd, 2010


Strato on Sale Now at Lulu.com and the Nailer site.


A musician's love story... Vera-Lynn, a prolific, yet reclusive musician and her acquaintance, the messianic amnesiac, Zax, become secretly obsessed with one another. Two bands: Alchemy And The Argonauts and The Aliens play vital roles in connecting Zax and Vera. An inscrutable force seems to be guiding Zax' life...

Based on a True Story.

Format: PDF

Word Count: 52,000+

File Size: 1.1 MB

Strato goes on sale today on lulu.com

Jun. 23rd, 2010


Free Ebook: God Zombies Vs The Coke Demons

The new E-Book God Zombies Vs The Coke Demons is being released as a free download June 23.
On July 1st the full length (52000+ words) E-Book titled Strato goes on sale!.

Get the free God Zombies...

Excerpt: "...A HUGE EXPLOSION vaporized six thousand zombies and Zamble, leader of the Coke-Demon battalion knows as the Zap Squad, high-sixed his teammate on another badass victory.

Meanwhile, back at Cigarettes Bar and Grill, the God Zombies’ stronghold of doom, the ultimate God Zombie king of the universe, Lule, smacked himself in the forehead. “Those coked-out demon bastards!” His voice was like a cough that choked out words one crackle at a time.

He chewed a hole through the soft skin of his knuckle and then stood up with a pissed-off face and scream-coughed, “WTF!”..."


Find it online if you want it!

Format: PDF

Word Count: 1144

Size: Less than 1 Meg

May. 8th, 2010


Gerard Manley Hopkins - Poet

If you have not checked out Gerard Hopkins' poetry, you are in for a treat!


Lucidity Poetry Contest 2010

Brian Nailer will be presented with an Honorable Mention Award in this year's Lucidity Poetry Journal's Clarity Awards for his poem Guitars.

286 entrants from 22 States and 6 foreign countries competed in this year's contest.

This is Nailer's first award as a writer.


Apr. 29th, 2010


The Write Place At the Write Time June 2010 Issue

Brian Nailer's poem Twelve Thoughts will be in

The Write Place At the Write Time's Two Year Anniversary Issue in June, 2010.

The Write Place At the Write Time's website:

Apr. 18th, 2010


The Instigator June 2010 Issue

Brian Nailer's poem Professional Scapegoats will be in

The Instigator Zine June 2010 issue.


From The Instigator website:
"Instigatorzine is a literary/art zine based in New Jersey started by Keith Chiappone and Narciso Espiritu Jr. in February of 2010. The purpose of the zine is to promote activity for writers of all genres and styles who would otherwise have no outlet to put their material."

Apr. 8th, 2010


Tree Climber

Apr. 5th, 2010


Skeleton Doors

We must open up the doors between the worlds
has your son collected keys?
They are the skeletons that soon will be reborn as new realities
The single greatest window you can open is the one that keeps the shifting breeze at bay between the trees
For if the winds of change are locked away
What is the point of hoping that your love will stay
Just as it is
For in stagnation lies frustrations
And another step delivers suicide
But not for I
for there are better things to do than sit and die
While all the world is getting by

And words are given to the people as a gift
Ready made to fill the rift
Between their morals and their minds
For thought is power that corrupts if not controlled and purified

You must leave childhood behind when you have learned the difference between what's right and what is wrong
We have been slumbering too long
The morning's come
There is no chosen one
For each of us must make a choce to be more than a voice
We must act
What are the voices for if not to inspire action?
Why not enable this transaction
And instead be an example and discard this poison apple we call violence
and hatred, theft and murder, extortion, double-dealing, over-taxing, famine, pretend health-care, inferior education, rape, molestation, environmental carelessness, racism, sexism, homophobia, drug addiction, commercial religion and insidiously dangerous philosophies

We must discard these toxic fruits
And burn the trees that sprouted them
It is the necessary course that we must take
In order to ensure our own survival and the ongoing salvation of our children

This is not a revolution
It is a sobering
A slap to shock the faces of our nation
Into seeing what it is they have become
The grinning bourgeois spoiled and accustomed to the humiliating worthlessness of decadence

Not only voices are we given
But hands and feet as well
That we must use to build a future where clocks will still be useful
Looked upon by the descendents of those parents living now
Who had the courage to help rouse the world from its destructive lifelong nap

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